Postgraduate Diploma in FINANCIAL SERVICES
(Financial Management)


Students will be able to make good business decision after going through this course. Students will touch on all areas of finance and empirical research to improve on managerial decisions. This course addresses all the issues that are raised when starting off as an entrepreneur. It also aims to prepare students for these decisions, both as entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.


Learning Outcome

  • Make conceptual and managerial decisions necessary for effective management in the continuously changing domestic and international financial market environment
  • Manage e-Commerce transactions and the practical knowledge to innovate new ways of doing business on the Internet
  • Appreciate the use of financial information for organizational planning, development and control

Admission Requirements

For International Student:

  • Min. age 19 years old
  • Degree related to Accounting, Finance and Business Management holder
  • Min. English IELTS 5.5 or equivalent
  • Other qualifications will be evaluated on a case by case basis

12 Months (Full Time)
24 Months (Part Time)


Certificate Awarding Body
This postgraduate diploma is awarded by Chartered Institute of Technology.
Name of Award
Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Services.
Course Structure
Core Courses

Module Code

Module Name



Corporate Reporting



Strategic Financial Management



Entrepreneurial Finance






Finance Theory


Student is required to complete the entire core modules.

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FM536 Corporate Reporting

This module are the preparation of the full financial statements for a single company and the principal consolidated financial statements for a simple group. Coverage of a wide range of international standards is implicit in these objectives, as specified in the paperís content. Similarly, understanding the regulatory and ethical context of financial reporting, covered in the paper, is vital to ensuring that financial statements meet usersí needs. Principles of taxation are included, not only to support accounting for taxes in financial statements, but also as a basis for examining the role of tax in financial analysis and decision-making within subsequent papers.

Continuous Assessment 1 - 25%
Continuous Assessment 2 - 25%
Final Written Examination - 50%
Total Assessments - 100%

FM415 Strategic Financial Management

This module covers the preparation of full consolidated financial statements; issues of principle in accounting standards dealing with more complex areas; developments in external reporting; and the analysis and interpretation of accounts.

Continuous Assessment 1 - 25%
Continuous Assessment 2 - 25%
Final Written Examination - 50%
Total Assessments - 100%

FM431 Entrepreneurial Finance

This module look at the holistic, integrated view of management across the organisation. Building on important concepts in strategic management. This module develops tools and techniques for identifying the key types of competitive environment. The skills and tools of project management are also addressed. The module introduces the skills and tools needed to work with, manage and develop teams. This includes both the legal aspects of managing individuals, as well as the softer elements of negotiation and leadership skills.

Continuous Assessment 1 - 25%
Continuous Assessment 2 - 25%
Final Written Examination - 50%
Total Assessments - 100%

FM433 Investments

This module focuses on the application of information in the management processes of decision-making and control, so as to optimise performance. The first two sections deal respectively with the key contributors to operational performance Ė revenue (decisions of what to produce, at what price) and costs (how to manage them to maximise profitability). The role of control in monitoring and improving performance then comes to the fore in the final two sections, dealing with principles and practices in the use of responsibility centres and budgeting.

Continuous Assessment 1 - 25%
Continuous Assessment 2 - 25%
Final Written Examination - 50%
Total Assessments - 100%

FM402 Finance Theory

This module deals with the key elements in designing and managing the organisationís financial strategy, in the context of contributing to achieving the organisationís objectives and within its external constraints, such as the general regulatory and investment environment. The features and implications of the full range of major financing instruments are covered. A broad range of types of investment decision is also covered and it is recognised throughout that such decisions need to take account of broader strategic issues as well the financial analysis.

Continuous Assessment 1 - 25%
Continuous Assessment 2 - 25%
Final Written Examination - 50%
Total Assessments - 100%

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Mode of Assessment
Each module is assessed by academic work comprising of a mixed of assignments, tests, presentation, projects and final written examination as determined by the course outline. The assessment criterion varies from module to module.
Learning and Teaching Strategies
Every modules are delivered via lectures, PowerPoint presentations, tutorials, and individual assistance as required.
Our courses are generally conducted on a modular basis.
Graduation Requirements
On successful completion of the Postgraduate program, students will be able to receive a certificate in Postgraduate Diploma in their respective area of course. This certificate is awarded by Chartered Institute of Technology.
Student must achieve an overall mark score of minimum 50% for all the modules in order to graduate with the respective award.
The grades for awards of respective course are as follows:
No. Marks Grade Grade Description
1. 80% and above A Very Good
2. 70% to 79% B Credit
3. 60% to 69% C Good Pass
4. 50% to 59% D Pass
5. 0% to 49% F Fail
6. 50% P Re-sit Pass
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Articulation Pathway

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be eligible to apply for one of the following CIMA courses #:

  • CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting
  • CIMA Diploma in Advanced Management Accounting
  • CIMA Diploma in Strategic Level

Further study at the Viterbo University in USA to study master degree course.

# Please refer to the entry requirement for the respective courses

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