academic appeal

CITECH Courses

1. A student shall have the right to appeal once against a decision of an Examination Board. A student is given up to one month after the official release of results to submit their appeals if they are not satisfied with the examination results. The purpose of the appeal is for the re-marking of a failed exam paper. The students are not allowed to see the details of the marked script. Please note that only ONE appeal can be lodged. No re-appeals are permitted. No appeals will be accepted for re-grading of an exam paper in which a student has passed.

2. Before considering whether or not there are grounds for appeal, it is essential that the student consults with the Lecturer or the Senior Course Manager, or a delegated representative, to see if any informal resolution of the matter can be achieved.

3. Students should be assured that they will not suffer any disadvantage or recrimination as a result of making an appeal in good faith.

4. They can appeal by duly completing the Academic Appeal Form to the Institute officially or submit the appeal request through their lecturer or Senior Course Manager.

5. We will appoint a relevant academic staff committee to review the marking of the examination papers. The committee will recommend if there is a change of grade is required.

6. The Vice President (Academic) will make the final decision for the appeal. The final decisions for all appeals must be endorsed by the Examination Board before releasing the final marks to the students. The student will be duly notified of the outcome of the appeal in writing within 2 weeks after receiving the appeal.
7. Where an academic appeal is related to the award of an external degree body, these procedures may be subject to reasonable variation to conform with the regulations of that body. Students are requested to refer to the respective University academic appeal policy and procedures.








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