The Council for Private Education (CPE) is established as a statutory board under the Ministry of Education on 1 December 2009. Established under the Private Education Act, the Council for Private Education is a statutory board empowered with the legislative power to regulate the private education industry in Singapore. All private education institutes (PEIs) are required to comply with the regulations under the Act and operate in accordance with the Act.

PEI-Student Contract

CPE, in aiming to enhance the confidence of students and their parents in the quality of education in Singapore, has stipulated that all PEIs must sign a PEI-Student Contract with students. The PEI-Student contract is an important legal agreement between the PEI and the student. The contract lays out the important terms and conditions governing the relationship between the student and PEI.

The school and the student must sign a contract for courses which last longer than two months. Before signing the student contract, all students should read through it carefully to ensure that the following information have been included and are accurate:

a.    The duration of the course, course schedules and whether it is offered on a full-time or part-time basis
b.    The start date and end date of the course
c.    The scheduled school and public holidays
d.    The dates of all examinations
e.    The expected date of the release of the final examination results, which should not be more than 3        months after the completion of the final examination
f.     The expected date of the conferment of the award
g.    The full names of the developer or proprietor of the course, and the person or organisation or         institution conferring the award
h.    All fees which students need to pay
i.     The fee collection schedule, including any late fee payment policy
j.     The fee refund policy
k.     Course entry requirement

All students are required to sign 2 original copies of the student contract. One original copy is for the school, the other original copy must be kept by the student.

Cooling-Off Period

All applicants are given a cooling-off period of seven (7) working days after signing the standard PEI-Student Contract. Students have the right to cancel the contract within seven (7) working days and be
entitled to a full refund less any applicable bank administrative charges and consumed fees. All students are required to submit a written notice to notify the withdrawal from the course. After the cooling-off period, the contract shall be deemed in force and CITECH’s refund policy shall take effect.

Students may download a copy of the sample student contract below.

 PEI-Student Contract Sample



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